Spatial MERIT Tool

Spatial MERIT is a research tool solely focusing on the Auckland Region.

It is at the cutting edge of international Integrated Assessment Modelling, with a spatial resolution of 100m x 100m, a daily time step, and ability to run over a 30-year time horizon. It consists of the following tightly coupled modules:

    • infrastructure outages (e.g. fuel, power, gas, telecommunications, water, wastewater, road, rail, airports, ports etc),
    • demographics (e.g. by age-sex cohort),
    • land use (including neighbourhood interaction, zoning, land use suitability, and accessibility),
    • economic (a full version of Non-Spatial MERIT), and
    • transport (a simplified 4-step model that is fully compatible with Auckland Council's ATM3 model).

Robert Cardwell, a PhD of the Resilience National Science Challenge, is currently using Spatial MERIT in his studies to assess the consequences of eruption scenarios in the Auckland Volcanic Field.

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